Boarding prices are $30 a week.

Nail clipping and bath – $5

Hedgehog Cage set-up

Cage setup   $110. Cage, water bottle, food dish, hidey hat, snuggle sack, and wheel

Cage setup $110. Cage, water bottle, food dish, hidey hat, snuggle sack, and wheel

Hedgehog care

Hedgehogs are exotic animals and require extra care. Their lifespan is 4-6 years. With proper nutrition and care, they have been known to live longer. Hedgehogs do not require vaccinations, however a yearly vet checkup is recommended. 

It is very important to keep your hedgehog's environment above 75 degrees. Ideal temperatures are between 74-78 degrees. If your hedgehogs body temperature drops they can go into false hibernation, then their organs shut down, and they will die! Please supply a proper heat source such as a CHE (ceramic heat emitter) 75-100 watt, and a clamp on style lamp. You can find both of them at Petsmart or Amazon. Also, a thermometer inside of their cage is also recommended to keep an eye on your hedgehog's environment temperature. To attach these lamps to the plastic bins, I recommend cutting out a section of the lid an zip tie metal screen or similar, to it and set the CHE on it to prevent melting the bin.

Cages - There are lots of options for cages. C & C cages, Midwest guinea pig cage, homemade cages as well are becoming more popular, plastic storage containers (like the one pictured above). I do not recommend wire rabbit cages as the bars are too wide and hedgehogs can squeeze through the bars. If you choose to use these cages, please zip tie choroplast (corrugated plastic) to the inside of the cage about 4 inches up from the bottom of the wire. I, also do not recommend aquariums of any sort (there is not proper ventilation). Multi level homes are not recommended...hedgehogs have very poor eyesight and no depth perception and may fall off of the ramp and get injured. There are a wide variety of bedding that can be used. Pine, aspen, Kaytee clean & cozy, carefresh, flannel/fleece cage liners, fleece cut into strips works nicely too. Please DO NOT use cedar!!! It has toxic oils that are toxic to hedgehogs! Requirements for items to put in your hedgehogs cage: Wheel-11 inch or larger, a hiding place (igloo or my hidey hats or snuggle sacks), water bottle, and food dish. You can give your hedgehog toys such as solid cat toys and balls, small stuffed animals, and other small solid toys. 

Bathing - Giving your hedgehog a bath: you can put him/her in a sink and fill it to the tops of their legs. Use a gentle baby shampoo and a toothbrush or fingernail brush for cleaning quills and toenails. Be sure to rinse the hedgie thoroughly, and drying well before placing him/her back in their cage. At this point, you will find this to be a great time to clip his/her nails as well. Using a small regular nail clippers, trim off just the white tip of the nail and be careful not to cut into the quick. If you do happen to cut into the quick, it will bleed a little. You can apply pressure to the nail to stop the bleeding, styptic powder is great to keep around in case this happens, also.

Food - I am currently feeding Purina One Healthy kitten cat food for babies and nursing moms. I suggest buying a 4-5 lb bag of this and then when it is gone, switch to Purina One Sensitive Systems adult cat food. Give your hedgehog 2-3 tablespoons of food daily. All of my babies learn to drink from a water bottle.


Mealworms - I feed a variety of live and freeze dried mealworms. If you are feeding freeze dried, please make sure and have plenty of water on hand for them to have constant access to. 

Chicken - Boiled, no seasoning

Eggs - scrambled or hard boiled, no seasoning

DO not feed your hedgehog nut, avocados, or kiwi

Feel free to email or call me with any questions or concerns! 985-326-9518

My vets are Dr Rich and Dr Pence at Avian & Exotics Animal Hospital of Louisiana 504-455-6386