You must fill out the adoption application if you are interested in a hedgehog! I will not sell a hedgehog to you unless I have an application on file!!!!

We reserve the right to refuse to sell to anyone at anytime for any reason!

Our hedgehogs will go to pet homes only! I DO NOT sell hedgehogs for breeding purposes and DO NOT sell to pet stores!!!!!!!! I do not sell opposite sexes to anyone!!! I cannot and will not sell hedgehogs to illegal states!!!!! The states that it is illegal to own hedgehogs is Maine, Arizona, California, Georgia, Hawaii, and Pennsylvania. The 5 Boroughs of New York City, Windsor, Ontario, and Langley, British Columbia. Please do not contact me if you live in any of the illegal states or areas!!!!

Pictures!!!!! I post baby pictures at 2 and 4 weeks of age! If you would like additional pictures, or if you wish to have them emailed or text to you, they will be $10 for 5 pictures. Fee can be sent via paypal to and must be sent "friends and family"


Contact Us

If you agree with our policies and would like to apply to adopt a hedgehogs, please fill out the adoption application at the bottom of this page. I will contact you once I have received and reviewed your application. However, if you have not heard from me within 24 hours of me receiving the application feel free to contact me. DO NOT contact me for prices as they are all listed here and on my available hedgehogs page. Please do not call me  before 9am or after 9pm!

Email -

Phone - 985.326.9518 - This number is for calling only. I do not receive texts on this number. If you need to reach me either call or email me. I am sorry for any inconvenience.

Pickup/Shipping & Sales Policies

I offer pickup in  Slidell, LA at my home.  Pick ups are by appointment only!! If you are more than 30 minutes early, find something to do, shopping, eating, etc. Do not come before appointment time!!! If you are more than 30 minutes late, please be respectful of my time and call me to let me know you will be running late. You are picking up at my home, not a pet store!!!!

Pickup location will be provided when the hedgehog is ready to go home. Delivery service is available upon request. Fees are based on mileage - .50$ a mile...round trip. This charge also applies for meeting you somewhere to pick up your hedgie.

If you cannot pick up your baby within 3 days of the day it is able to go home arrangements must be made to pay for the hedgehog in full. If the hedgehog is not paid in full within those 3 days he/she will be placed as available and your deposit will be forfeited. No warning will be given! I will hold the hedgehog for 7 days after the day he/she is ready to go home if paid in full! After that 7 days $5/day boarding fee will apply.

Some other rare colors or markings may be priced higher. I do not guarantee prices until babies are 3 weeks old. I reserve the right to adjust the price (up or down) once the color is evident.

A hedgehog does not develop his true color until 6 months of age (after quilling - he will lose his baby quills and acquire his adult quills). I DO NOT guarantee color of any hedgehog!

I DO NOT offer shipping. Sorry for any inconvenience.


I have a 6 month health guarantee on my hedgehogs. I will replace your hedgehog if it dies within that time period. A vet necropsy must be provided stating that the hedgehog had a congenital problem (something it was born with or a hereditary problem). I will not replace a hedgehog if something happened to it due to negligence, injury, improper diet, or illness due to it not being taken care of properly. I also have a lifetime guarantee against WHS. I will replace your hedgehog if it dies from WHS. A vet necropsy is required to honor this guarantee.

Deposit Policies

You may place a deposit on future litters. Deposit price is $75. The deposit is non-refundable. The amount of your deposit will be deducted from the balance you owe at pick up. I will take deposits through Paypal or cash only. No personal checks and no money orders!!!  If you are paying through paypal you can send it to me at A 3% fee is required to be added to all paypal payments! That will make deposit price $78. If you don't send the $78, I will charge an extra $10 at time of pickup. The remaining balance is due at time of pick up. Cash at time of pickup! If you wish to pay by credit card, there will be a 3% convenience fee added to the total paid.

If you place a deposit on a baby and decide you want a baby from a different litter, I will allow 1 deposit switch. If you have put down a deposit and decide that you cannot get the baby at that time, I will hold your deposit for 6 months.


Kelly's Quills retains partial ownership of all babies sold. When you purchase a hedgehog from us you are responsible for all care costs including housing, feeding, veterinary care, etc. However, if at any time you decide a hedgehog is not the right pet for you or circumstances change the hedgehog MUST be returned to us at buyers expense/time. You may not sell or give away your hedgehog! Failure to comply with this condition can result in legal action. While this may sound harsh we do this to ensure that the hedgehog we helped to create is always properly cared for and loved.

Return Policies

If you decide after you get your hedgehog that it is not the right pet for you please contact me and I will take it and re home it. Please don't sell it! I don't want my babies to end up in the wrong hands. I am only doing this because I want what is best for them and if you care about them you would want what's best as well.

I will take hedgehog back at any time but a refund will only be given with in 30 days.

Percentage given if the hedgehog is returned within 14 days is 50%. If the baby is returned in between 15 and 30 days a 25% refund is given. After 31 days it is considered a return and no money will be given.

NO REFUND on cage setups or cage accessories!

Carriers for pick up

You must bring an appropriate carrier for transporting your hedgehog home.  The carrier must snap, zip, or lock closed. I will make no exceptions!

DO NOT USE A WIRE CAGE TO HOUSE YOUR HEDGEHOG! If you insist on using one they must be lined with choroplast. They will get their little feet stuck in the wires and get hurt! They are dangerous and are intended for rats, mice, hamsters, etc. Not for hedgehogs! Fish aquariums are not appropriate for a hedgehog's home, they are for fish. There is no air flow in a glass aquarium.