Welcome to Kelly's Quills Hedgehogs

I am a USDA licensed African pygmy hedgehog breeder in Slidell, LA. I breed pet hedgehogs for temperament and health, first and foremost.  I also provide a family environment for our hedgehogs where they are handled by my children and I on a daily basis. I start handling babies at an early age to help ensure a happy pet!

I am proud to provide continued support after the purchase of my hedgehogs.  It is very important to me that my hedgehogs go to a good home, so I provide guidance to my customers even after you bring your new baby home.  Some of the things I help my customers with are creating the right living conditions, feeding, and most anything else that comes up. If you ever have any questions, do not hesitate to call or email me.


A little about us

  • I have been a USDA licensed hedgehog breeder since 2009
  • My goal for all babies born here is health and temperament 
  • All my adults and babies have 7 plus generation pedigrees 
  • All babies are held on a daily basis, starting as early as mom will allow me to do so
  • Babies are available year round 
  • I make all cage and supplies myself. Special orders are welcome too